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Lumia 930 review – Nokia’s last flagship.

Oh Nokia. How sad it is to think we may never enjoy your signature hardware designs (without others’ influence) again. Just when our dreams of Android OS marrying Nokia’s legendary designs were coming true, Microsoft snuffs it out completely. We have here the Lumia 930 with us. Significant because it may well be the final flagship-class smartphone…

HTC One 照片及Nokia Pureview 808 照片大比拼

Ultrapixel (4 megapixel)  41 megapixel pureview technology  翻譯: RW 評測: yellowchilli 在相機規格方面,這兩款手機絕對是南轅北轍。兩款都聲稱自己的相機極好。究竟哪一個先拔頭籌? 為了確保這項對比的公平性,我將 Nokia 手機的設定調低至五百萬像素(因為它使用像素太密),非常接近HTC One Ultrapixel 相機的 4 百萬像素。 由你們自己評評吧。 點擊放大HTC排名第一,NOKIA排名第二

nokia pureview 808 vs htc one ycp

HTC One photos vs Nokia Pureview 808 photos

Ultrapixel (4 megapixel) 41 megapixel pureview technology Price: $800~ Price: $400 Both these phones are at the extreme opposites on the spectrum as far as camera specs are concerned. Both say their cameras are a great. Which one will come out on top? To make the comparison as fair as possible, I lowered the Nokia’s…

The Beautiful Nokia N9 [updated, added vid]

Just quickly: buy. from a design standpoint- both hardware and software, is well-worth the (then) high asking premium. You’ll be somewhat disappointed if you had set out to look for a unique piece of kit simply because Lumia 800 has stolen the limelight with its near-identical hardware design. Fans can spot the difference especially the…