Motorola Razr i XT890 hands-on


ahh the single core dual-threaded Intel Atom Medfield x86 Android by Motorola. The Razr I XT890 is such a pleasure…


-24-hour battery life with 3 hours screen on time is possible

This is my best battery life record with the Razr i

-solid and consistent performance easily beating previous-gen dualcore Razrs e.g. xt 910


Razr vs Razr. See the difference between the xt890 on the left and the xt910 on the right. They both have the same screen dimensions.


It’s only a hair wider than the iPhone 5 / iPod touch 5 but manages to cram in a larger “edge-to-edge” screen at the same time.

-global equalizer
-homescreen launcher- swipe left for full page quick-access settings
-near-stock ICS Android 4.0.4

practical homescreen launcher.

-superb web browser
-solid construction, premium build quality, pleasing industrial design
-jellybean is coming
-camera sucks
-quiet alert and ringtones
-possible but minor app compatibility issues due to it being x86

Full review coming soon.

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