[update: Phil Schiller confirms drivers are now available] Can’t install Windows Support Software because it is not currently available from the Software Update server. [Solution plus workaround]


Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 10.08.48 PM

Apple: in other words all you boot camp users who bought our brand new 2012 machines are temporarily fxxked till we say so.

If you ran into this error message then you are not alone. It seems Apple has not yet made available the proper driver package for Boot Camp users on their new 2012 machines.

While you can try to be clever and use Windows Support Software from the previous year, you’ll only be met with somewhat limited success. I’m putting up some screenshots here of the issue and a few words on the workaround.

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 10.06.57 PM

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 10.08.40 PM

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 10.07.25 PM

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 10.08.48 PM

But if you managed to download the package itself by taking one of the links from the apple catalog file, you can try extracting/installing the pkg onto a usb stick and then go into Windows with it and attempt an install. Alternatively if your drivers from last year is still around somewhere, you could try using that too.

Download the package HERE.

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But you’ll be met with this:

boot camp windows drivers_cropped

boot camp windows drivers2_cropped

boot camp windows drivers3_cropped

boot camp windows drivers4_cropped

In this case, here’s what you can try:

boot camp windows drivers5_cropped

browse to the Drivers folder on your usb stick containing the drivers package and install the most likely looking drivers you can find. Good thing about Macbooks are they mostly use similar hardware so you’re not going to get too lost installing those drivers blindly.


boot camp windows drivers6_cropped

I managed to install my wifi drivers this way. And somehow, the Intel HD 3000 drivers worked for my HD 4000 display card too.

Head over to the Apple discussion forums for a…discussion of the problem. But really, as far as I know there’s no other solution until Apple releases the package.

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Apple customers have the right to be informed of the issue and it is not unreasonable to expect so. While Boot Camp may be to do with Windows, it is something that’s legitimately supported by OSX. Apple is being irresponsible here and I went ahead and expressed so, like this:



to tcook, schiller


Good Morning

First of all, congratulations on the WWDC.
I think it was all very successful and worked as it should because I was convinced in upgrading my Macbook Air, and very nearly to the Retina Pro were it any lighter.

And like me, many others did. And then everyone ran into the dreaded virtual wall that is:

“Can’t install Windows Support Software because it is not currently available from the Software Update server.”

I know Apple is aware of the issue since your tech support (telling people to “just reinstall Lion”???) has been approached by many about the issue. And even your own Apple discussion forum is flooded with threads with people seeking help.
And yet there have been no official announcement of any ETA for the drivers; no acknowledgement that they are unavailable.
This is very irresponsible of Apple. While this was merely a bump on the road to migrating my bootcamp contents from my old machine to the new, many others depend their lives on this, have business trips to go on and deadlines to meet. And they all can’t because of this…what is it? Neglect?
You tell me.
Whatever it is the drivers are waiting on.. Mountain Lion, Windows 8… People have a right to know. You don’t just release half-baked thousand dollar machines and not tell people why. This is not an unreasonable expectation.

A number of people said: this would not have happened if Steve Jobs was here.
This really did make me think. And you should think about that too. Especially Federighi whom this email was actually meant for (but i have no email address of).

Hope somebody at Apple can shed some light on this.

Best Regards,



[UPDATE: Apple/Phil’s email response]


Philip Schiller ✆ schiller@apple.com

2:30 AM (9 hours ago)

to me

If you are trying to add BootCamp to a new MacBook Air, I am told that the Bootcamp drivers are up on the site now.

If that was what you need, let me know if you have any problem getting them now.



[Edit: there never was any explanation but..thanks Phil]


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