Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on

samsung galaxy s4 black mist front

It may look like the Samsung Galaxy S3. But its performance is nothing like it. In fact, it’s totally and utterly off the charts. Nothing is going to come close for a while in terms of raw speed.
And yet, I double and triple confirmed that I was testing the Octa-core Exynos version.

samsung galaxy s4 synthetic benchmark sunspider

Sunspider scores 740. This is absolutely incredible and blows the iPhone 5 and its A6 processor ( and the iPad 4 and its A6x processor) out of the water!

-feels extremely fast

-stunning high resolution, vibrant display


that’s only 500 mAh smaller than the Galaxy Note 2. and that’s saying something.

-lightweight, S3-sized yet manages a bigger display AND a bigger battery. Can it get better than this?


an even more efficient display? let’s reserve judgement for when we give it a proper battery life test eh

-13 megapixel camera

samsung galaxy s4 camera sample indoor spotlight

check out this untouched Samsung Galaxy S4 camera sample.


Gimmicky interface? I ended up tapping the screen while trying to get AirTouch to work during my brief test.. but we’ll see.

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