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For those who have managed to wrap their heads around Windows 8’s replaced new Start menu, well done and I hope you’re enjoying it- I know I am. But for many, it remains an object of hate and inconvenience… though possibly mostly those who chose to believe in what they read online without trying for themselves.

Regardless, there are a number of easy ways to bring back a fully functioning (and more) Start menu. I did it with a program I’ve used and recommended for years- Soluto. If you don’t want the entire (lightweight anyway) suite then by all means just download the Start Menu component for Windows 8- called Classic Shell.

First of all a quick look at Soluto. It calls itself “Anti-frustration software” and that does actually sum it up nicely. It mainly analyses your PC and tells you what’s causing how much delay during startup and what can be done about it. Choices include- remove the offending item, delay it or just leave it. But the icing on the cake is you actually get to see how other users acted on those choices in percentage terms. Very useful indeed. This is why I’ve been using and recommending it to friends for years.

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“Switching” to Start Menu is just one click and a reboot away. Once there, you can customise the hell out of it- want Windows Key to launch Start Menu? Done. Want to Shift-click bottom left corner to launch the Start Screen? Easy.
And to top it all off, different Start Menu styles and skins are offered.

Enjoy Windows 8.

classic shell settings2classic shell settings

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