[Updated] How to grab free Apple App Store apps not available in your region /country /planet


[Update] Speak of the devil… Rage and Rage HD has now become free because they received 100k likes on Facebook! All the more reason to make a US account. Hurry as the offer only lasts until the 24th of August. [/Update]

More importantly, how could you go about creating an Apple ID without having to enter any payment details to enable the download. Read on.


Cool free apps and games pop up practically on a daily basis on the US App Store. Sadly for you (and me) some don’t on your country region’s App Store. Let’s not talk about paid apps here…I’m pissed that I can’t even buy RAGE from id Software; and let’s not talk about streaming radios– there’s not a hope in hell that they’ll start streaming internationally even when I have the app (there are VPN workarounds..). Did I mention that I hate iTunes Store? Why? Because the whole thing is completely unavailable here. Meaning no music, not tv series, no rentals, movies etcetcetc. At least we have podcasts but that still took Apple ages to bring out back then.

After that little side track, let’s continue. Free apps… Google’s Photovine just became publicly available (without the invite) today, Google+, Facebook Messenger, Google Earth and so on… but NOT in my country. No problem, all I need is a US Apple ID right? and what better way than to simply create one from right within iTunes? (Sign In> Create New Account)


But then….


oops. dont have a US creditcard.

‘Hey I’ll use my Paypal account!’


in your dreams:


“This recipient requires that you have a valid funding source from United States in order to complete this transaction.”

in other words: you’re screwed.

You might try going to Apple’s web version of the ID creation page here, but soon as you log onto the App Store with it you’ll be thrown right back onto the payment details page again.

oh come ON i just want to download a free app! So here’s how it’s done:

1. On iTunes, switch to the US App Store. You can find this all the way at the bottom-right corner.


2. Now search or just pick something free. Anything, like the good Photovine app, click “FREE” to download.


3. Once again, you’ll get that familiar Create account/ Sign in dialog box. Click Create New Account.


4. Follow the instructions and enter your (WORKING) email (if you don’t have a spare, just go sign up for one), password (must have one capital and one lowercase, numbers to make it up to at least 8 characters long) etc.

5. What they heck! Payment options again!!!!! But wait if you look carefully, you’ll now see the MAGICAL “None” option. pick that, US address! No problem- the easiest one to find is probably Apple’s (see screenshot, and LOL). For the phone number, 3 “0” then followed by 7 more “0”s will do.


6. I hope you followed the instructions and entered a WORKING email…


7. Happy downloading.


P.S. And folks don’t forget that you can switch Apple IDs freely on your device meaning you can also download those US-only free apps directly from your device:

just go to Settings> Store> tap Apple ID at the bottom


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