iPod touch 5- fall in love with iOS again

ipod touch 5g aluminium back Ballmer edition

Fan of Ballmer’s, obviously.

just quickly: BUY BUY BUY!
The long-await speed-bump is here! It’s been a whole year since Apple updated the iPod touch– with the 4.5 generation being exactly the same as the 4th gen- things were beginning to get very very boring for iPod touch-only users.
The iPod touch 5G is without a doubt the best iteration yet- yes it’s easy to say the same every year… oh wait, forgot the 4.5 gen. It received the much needed speed bump but for once it’s at the point where the speed genuinely feel as though it’s reached a plateau that now offers satisfyingly consistent user experience across the board. There is nary a slowdown/stutter/stumble anywhere in the OS and apps and games load amazingly swiftly. As far as the exterior goes this is by far the most practical of the lot- handy lanyard (The loop, as Apple calls it) and a durable aluminium back. Gone is the long standing (but still beautiful) chrome back where the first thing you needed to do was to hide it to protect it from scratches.
This is THE iPod touch to buy and upgrade to regardless of which generation you already own, but especially if you don’t already have an iOS device and needs to start somewhere with a good compromise… you know, work your way up to the iPhone kinda thing. Only difference is the 5th gen has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of next to the iPhone 5.
Read on for a point-by-point breakdown.


ipod touch 5g versus 4g display quality

4.5G vs 5G. You can clearly see the display differences here.

+++++ absolutely gorgeous 4″ Retina display has warm colours, good saturation, AMOLED-like contrast levels and is worlds apart from anything that has ever appeared on previous iPod touches.
+++++ super thin profile; feels extremely light
+++++ tough aluminium back. makes you feel you no longer need a case
++++ The loop is a tough sonuva leathery piece that genuinely makes hanging the ipod off your wrist feel safe
+++ the spring-loaded retractable clikety knob that the loop er.. loops around is nicely designed; surprising there is still space for it to retract into.
+++++ the pleasure afforded from the speed gains courtesy of the A5 r2 800mhz dualcore processor is near-impossible to express; feels more satisfying than then similarly spec’d iPad 2 (1ghz dualcore A5 r1). [update: check out my new speed test videos here]
+++++ still cannot understand how websites load so much faster compared to my top-of-the-range Android when both are using the same data connection.
+++ 5 megapixel iSight camera takes amazing pictures in good lighting; comes with HDR, panorama mode and LED flash!
++ battery life is roughly the same as previous gen but is still amazing considering the capacity (slightly increased, 1030mah)
+++++ EarPods are actually very good, providing good bass without being inside your ear
++ Tiny lightning port is…tiny; still usb 2.0 speed limit.
+ Siri!
++ genuinely shares premium parts with the iPhone (4s) instead of using cut-price stuff
++++ 512mb of RAM means you can actually keep apps in the background and multitask properly

Camera samples- click to enlarge.

5G, HDR ipod touch 5g camera samples hdr enabled
5G, no HDR ipod touch 5g camera samples without HDR
4G (no HDR option) ipod touch 4g camera samples no hdr

ipod touch 5g alumium back versus chrome backipod touch 5g versus 4g dimensions

Which looks better? hmm


—– Siri sucks when you’re not in the right geographic region.
— age-old problem of the awkward camera location means it gets covered in fringerprints from pressing the on/off button
– camera produces a fair bit of noise in dimmer places; indoors.
EarPods do not come with a microphone/remote control, although it appears the built-in mic is allowed to passthrough and work even when the pods are plugged.
— The Loop, when not in use, comes off far too easily.
– still no GPS but then what good is it if you have to use it with Apple Maps eh?
– lost the light sensor so no Auto-brightness; not too big a deal.
—– getting lost because of Apple Maps.

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