Blackberry Z30 lightning hands-on!

blackberry z30 hands-on ycp
call us weird but we aren’t particularly fond of ladies who pretend they know how to hold a mobile to handle these beautiful machines.

While Blackberry’s fate is as yet uncertain, the fact that their lineup is improving is most certain.
Take for example, the Blackberry Z30. So much more technology has gone into the device you’d think it’ll cost an arm and a leg.

We shall reserve judgement until we get to do an in-depth review. For now, have a gander at our photos and hands-on notes.

Some specs:
Display: 5″ Super AMOLED
SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro
OS version: 10.2
Battery capacity: 2880 mAh
Audio: stereo speakers, Blackberry “Natural Sound”; 4 microphones
Antenna: Paratek tuning antenna

doesn’t feel overly big in-hand but single-handed operation is a bit of a stretch, so to speak.
standard volume and function button placement for a Blackberry 10 device
Backplate takes after the Q10 styling
here’s that 2880 mAh battery that will allegedly last up to 25 hours of “mixed” usage
the glass weave battery cover
Z30 has a silvery accent that runs along the whole device
photo quality appears acceptable


the Z30 runs OS version 10.2 out of the box with quite a few number of new features, including a Android 4.2.2 player.

other hands-on notes:
– OS operations felt very speedy
– stereo speakers sound great, stereo is sufficiently wide, volume levels are good, speaker placement and direction may be advantageous compared to the HTC One.

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