How to solve the EA games “server error 5002” wtf [UPDATED with download link]

So I thought I’d load up Need For Speed Hot Pursuit one day, after having finished configuring my new HTC One X. But then “server error 5002” happened! After a brief conversation with EA technical support (there is no official Android support section but I was redirected after a live chat with the PC tech support for NFS:HP), here’s what I found:
– the need for the game package to be available elsewhere. i.e. on another device you own that you happen to have it downloaded
– the rest is easy: copy and paste the whole Android\com.eamobile.nsfhp_row_wf\ folder into the device with the 5002 issue
– switch off all data radios i.e. wifi, 3g otherwise you’ll be stuck in a repeating “update” message.
And voila. Not an elegant solution…not a solution, even. Just a workaround. If anyone needs NFS:HP’s package (zipped, 3xxmb) let me know in the comments.
[UPDATE] a visitor has helpfully pointed out that Droidwall (root is required) can be used to block outgoing traffic on the Android. thank you for that.
Due to demand, I’m including the download link for the NFS: HP content package.

here’s the email conversation in detail. When asked if there will be a fix and when, EA gave no specifics. See for yourself:
Thank you for your interest in Electronic Arts and for writing us with your thoughts and questions.
We are sorry that you are experiencing issues with your game, and would be glad to assist you further. In order to provide the best troubleshooting, please fill out the information below:
1. Game Name
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
2. Game Version
3. Type of bug (Crash, gameplay, other)
game launch problem
4. Description of how you encountered the error
launch game. error message: server error 5002
5. Device details
htc one x
a. Type (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)
b. Generation (2G, 3G, Touch v1, Touch v2)
c. Firmware version
d. Memory Capacity
6. If the device was rebooted before playing the game
7. Number of applications on the device
8. Amount of free space available
9. Distribution of allocated space (movies, music, games, misc)

10. Please attach screenshots if possible
common enough to be found all over the internet (EDIT: LOL)

Thank you for your reply.
I apologize for the delay in my response, and I understand how frustrating this issue can be. I’ll do everything I can to resolve this for you!
This is a possible workaround for the issue you’re experiencing. Note: This requires another android device, such as a phone for the workaround.
Download the game and any updates to your android phone, then copy the files to the same location on the Tablet device, the file location should be:
/android/data/com.ea.(game title)_na
There may be a couple of other drivers you may need to also install. (EDIT: wtf?)
This is a possible workaround, and I cannot guarantee this may work, but it’s one solution some of our customers have mentioned success with!
Please note the code you received is a 15% off Origin Store coupon, which will be listed in the Promotional code section of the email sent to you! Some limitations apply (Offer excludes Star Wars™ The Old Republic™, pre-orders, games released within 30 days of purchase, Valve games, select partner titles distributed by Origin, virtual currency and game time codes). The code is also valid for 1 Month (30 days). (EDIT: didnt receive anything….)
If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know!
Thanks again for writing us. We look forward to helping you answer some of your questions and hope you enjoy playing EA games!
Best Regards,
Gabe F.
– EA Customer Service

thanks I do happen to have it installed and working on my tablet.
the game now works on my phone but ONLY if I turn off all data connections. otherwise “update check” would keep flashing nonstop and the device heats up extremely quickly.
indeed, this is just a workaround and is far from sustainable and introduces the inconvenience of having to switch off all data connections.
What if I lost(/factory reset) all data to both phone and tablet and have no way to install a working copy?
Any plans for a proper fix/solution?
Thank you for your continued contact regrading the errors received in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. I apologize that you have experienced such issues while trying to access this mobile game.
We are aware of these on going issues with this and other mobile games. We are also aware that the troubleshooting step provided is a temporary solution to this issue.
These issues are in the process of being reviewed so a more permanent solution can be located. Unfortunately, I do not have an estimated time of when this resolution will be found and relayed to customers experiencing such issues.
It may be helpful to post this topic in our EA game forums for the developers to view. This will allow us to keep track of the number of users experiencing such issues so they can all be addressed properly. Any updates or additional information on this issue will be posted there also.
I apologize for the inconvenience of this whole matter. Feel free to contact us again if any other assistance is needed.
Thanks again for writing us at Electronic Arts.
Best Regards,
Aaron S.
-EA Customer Support

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