Lumia 930 review – Nokia’s last flagship.

ycptech reviews nokia lumia 930


+++++ quadcore Snapdragon 800 does its job very well. If anything, what was once used to hide slow load times is now what’s causing the addition wait – tile animations.
It’s also great to see these Windows Phone devices using top end processors. The whole package is modern and it keeps up with other spec-busting offerings.


Battery life


+++++ the 2420 mAh battery does a good job hanging on all day long. Or shall we say, Windows Phone is benefitting from the highly efficient Snapdragon 800?
Either way, the Lumia 930 will get you through a 15 hour day.. just with not much to spare. Battery-saver kicks in automatically and will stretch the battery at the expense of push and sync thereafter.
Though nothing will save you if you keep watching videos and game away, obviously.

– the camera does seem to be a big drainer, however. Keeping the display on viewfinder for more than a minute will start to warm the phone. That’s when you know all the cores are firing at max speed.
And that’s when you can literally watch your battery percentage fall.



+++++ Nokia SensorCore api apparently helps save battery when the phone’s sensors are used. This is completely transparent to the users at this time so unless Microsoft releases comparison data, no one can judge.
Quite how SensorCore (software) integrates with Qualcomm’s Sensor Hub (hardware) or at all is anyone’s guess at this time.
Bottom line is, they’re moving in the right direction as sensors have become center-stage to all the new bells and whistles of these smartphones.

+++ APIs have been released by Google so potentially developers can make Google apps that plugs all those google services holes.


Also consider

Nokia Lumia 1520 – $500~
CPU – Snapdragon 800
Display – 6″ Super AMOLED
Camera – 20 megapixel Pureview
OS – Windows Phone 8.1

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