Solution: how to update your Windows Phone 7 (WP7) to “nodo” 7390 (specifically when Microsoft doesn’t want you to yet)



Own a Windows Phone 7 device?

Want copy and paste? Want faster app startups? Want these today? Well Microsoft says you can’t. Not yet… unless you want to be a bit adventurous.

Currently MS is only rolling batches of these updates out to certain phones, in Europe AND only on unbranded phones. A bummer for everyone else, and Microsoft has even apologised and have made an update schedule to try to keep everyone in order.

So I looked for ways to fool the MS servers. I have tried and tried but have had no luck. Searching out European proxies, resetting my phone, changing regions and time zones and attaching UK Live ids was how I spent my past few days.

But the solution came only after I visited the XDA Forum and all credits go to the poster (couldn’t thank him enough times). Turns out the only thing I was doing wrong was in not using a VPN connection.

To have a chance at getting this, you should at least be holding an unbranded Windows Phone 7 device and are willing to sacrifice all your saved data. Yup, because Zune isn’t able to do a full backup of everything like iTunes can and plus you would need to reset your phone BEFORE applying the update, meaning the backup-before-update process won’t be carried out on your current phone data. Note that even IF you did everything accordingly, you may still not receive the update because apparently Microsoft ISN’T releasing it to all unbranded phones in Europe. As of today, many have managed to grab the update, but there are some who didn’t receive anything. So there is no guarantee and you do this at your own risk.

Here are the steps, basically a copy from the xda forum really, but slightly shortened according to my experience-

-receive the Pre-nodo update, if you don’t already have this. Reboot.
-removed sim
-reset phone(hold down camera-button and volumedown while powering on); or Settings>About> Reset Your Phone
-set up device. Custom>don’t allow data connections, don’t enter live id, set language to english(uk), set date and time (must be correct)
-disabled wlan on phone
-changed my PC’s language to finland
-changed my PC’s time-format to english(indian)
-then I installed anonymizer software CyberGhost VPN on my pc and signed up for an account
-connected to a GERMAN cyberghost server
-connected phone to pc
-no update found while setting up phone in zune
MANUALLY checked for update in zune
-update found and message popped up on phone simultaneously
-installed update

Good Luck

Once again, the original post.

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