How to get your Macbook’s battery life back


get your macbook pro battery life back

This method isn’t anything new. But rather I want to add to the collective voices that it really does work.

Feel cheated? Macbook not lasting as advertised? Or could it be that the battery is on its last leg?
Before you go off and get a battery replacement by your local Apple Genius, try this. It worked on my Macbook Air, the GF’s Macbook Pro and hopefully you’ll see the difference on yours too.

Warning: you’ll lose your desktop wallpaper, so make sure you back it up.
o and mind the capitals as OSX commands are case sensitive.

Open Terminal
-go to spotlight, type Term and you’ll see it

in the Terminal window, type in and press Enter:
cd ~/Library/Preferences/

then type in:

killall Dock


reboot and voila.

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