Blackberry Passport review – the perfect niche

blackberry passport back logo

blackberry passport front

It takes guts to come up with something new, in this case a new form-factor. This is why practically every single smartphone looks the same – rectangular in shape, a flat slab with the only progress being made in display size. Of course, releasing it is just the beginning, whether it’ll catch on with the consumers, that’s a whole other battle.


display: 4.5 inches, 1440×1440, 453 ppi.
camera: 13mpx, 1080p video recording
Processor: Snapdragon 801 2.26Ghz quadcore
Storage: 32GB, Micro-SD slot up to 128GB
Weight: 196grams
Dimensions: 128 x 90.3 x 9.3 mm
Battery: 3450 mAh

Price- USD580~

Blackberry passport front top display


+++ Size is great for viewing documents, webpagses and most things that contain rows of text. Being able to fit more onto the screen means less zooming and scrolling.

+ The quality is solid. You certainly won’t find anything here worth complaining about. The colours are accurate and contrast is not bad either.

—– Movie (or media) viewing- you can forget about. The experience is just horrid. Most movies nowadays do not have a square aspect ratio, meaning there will be a huge black border as it tries to fit the extra width into the screen.

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