When my Galaxy S2 refused to recognize my SIM card…


baseband wtf


…with an error message: Insert SIM card to access network service.

This one is probably more for the serial rom flashers (like myself).

This could happen to anyone but especially to people with rooted Androids or with custom roms, it seems.

I’d just done flashing the newly released official ICS firmware (XXLPQ) onto my Galaxy S2. Had google setup and synching…when I realised the signal icon shows there’s no simcard. Numerous reboots/ insane number of obsessive Airplane mode toggling- didn’t help.

Next I checked my modem version aka Baseband: Unknown

IMEI (even tried *#60#): Unknown

tried different simcard: same result

I was beginning to dread a hardware fault but had a number of possible solutions in my head… i.e. I could reflash the modem via Odin

The more I searched the web, the more panicky I became when I read increasing number of people saying the phone is well and truly f**ked if the EFS folder has been corrupted and that there is no backup. I had no backup, for sure.

But before I went ahead with Odin, before I wiped the phone I decided to fix permissions via CMW.

and that did the trick!

I’m certainly not saying this will work for all. i solved my issue and didn’t have to go further using more complicated methods so it’s definitely worth a try.

fix permissions

the highlighted (illegible) line is “Fix Permissions”

quick reminder:

to get into CWM- which you should already know if you have a rooted phone/custom rom in the first place..

hold Vol Up and Home (and don’t let go until you actually get into CWM)

now hold the Power button to kick off the startup process, until you see the Samsung splash screen. Let go of the Power button and carry on holding Vol Up+ Home until you’re in.

Fix Permissions is under Advanced>



useful link- Backup and restore EFS folder:



The Galaxy S3 is now only around usd$400

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