the ios 5 death-tap!!

how to crash ios5

Steve: just don’t tap it that way.

So the other day my friend showed me a neat little glitch on my iPod touch…that’s seemingly harmless. All it does is crash the Springboard and force it to reload…and it’s repeatable on the iPhone too.
I’m not sure how well-known the glitch is nor have I seen it mentioned elsewhere so I just want to put it in words here and maybe send it into Apple. O and my iPod touch is not jailbroken. To repeat it, look at the above screenshot [updated to include vid] and follow the steps below:
Have Weather and/or Stocks widget active and visible
place one thumb/finger on left red circle and hold, the weather widget would stop scrolling
with second thumb, rapidly tap red circle on the right (takes a minimum of 2 taps)
and it’ll just crash.

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