Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 hands-on


Galaxy Note 2

So the Galaxy Note 2 has been released in certain parts of the world, here’s a hands-on from my initial days with it inHong Kong. Be sure to check back for the full review over at in a week or so.

Galaxy Note 2 vs HTC One X Size

The HTC One X is not small but the Note 2 is just huge. In a good way.


Galaxy Note 2 vs HTC One X brightness

Made the mistake of turning Battery Saver on so the brightness was stuck on really low levels. But disabling the option didn’t mean the brightness return to normal levels immediately, which was confusing. In reality, the Note 2’s brightness levels are only slightly lower than then One X.


Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Keyboard


Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Keyboard Swiftkey

Samsung chose well to partner with Swiftkey (that personalisation page is unmistakable, and the Privacy Policy reveals all) to bring us a better pre-installed keyboard.


Galaxy Note 2 Page Buddy

The Note 2 is equipped with context-sensitive pages (called Page Buddy) that load as e.g. you pull out the S-Pen. As above. Also works with headphones

Galaxy Note 2 notification area

The Note 2 notification area. Samsung makes good use of the screen real estate and adds plenty of useful shortcuts.


Galaxy Note 2 Homescreen

The Touchwiz home screen.


Galaxy Note 2 battery life

Initial fully charge drain- had around 7 hours with all radios switched off. Battery was draining (when without data) at a couple % per hour so if tweaked correctly, could even be longer-lasting.


Galaxy Note 2 Antutu benchmark

Antutu benchmark scores.


Galaxy Note 2 quadrant

Quadrant benchmark results.

-pity my Note2 came with a slightly older (no updates yet )version of the OS where the split-window mode is MIA.

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