Blackberry Z10 hands-on

blackberry z10 hands on ycp


bb z10 left sied view

One word: impressive.
Nokia N9 users will feel right at home here as the OS is heavily gesture-based in lieu of any physical buttons.
Those who have never experienced gesture OSs before might find BB 10 QNX fiddly to begin with but will hopefully see the underlying practical applications.

Here’s my one day with the Z10.

-has a nice solid heft in hand, unlike the featherweight iPhone 5

-grips well mainly due to the soft rubber coating on the back plastic plate

bb z10 back plate

hmm nice n soft. but inconsistent build materials

bb z10 battery

like Samsung, how they put the NFC antenna on the back plate

bb z10 camera ui2

simple camera ui…perhaps too simple

bb z10 camera ui

here’s the Time Shift feature

-phones is quite wide so may not fare well in smaller palms as far as single-handed operation is concerned

-smooth animations compliment seemingly awkward gestures

blackberry z10 Blackberry hub

the Blackberry Hub an Blackberry Peek

-ui really does flow once you’re used to the gestures

bb z10 right side view

-Volume Up and Down doubles as song skip, while the Voice command button also Pauses and resumes music. And to think these features are mostly only available on rooted Android phones. Genius.

-some UI inconsistencies, may become problematic especially if developers do not follow BB10 UI design guidelines

-everything loads without delay

-Blackberry World, Blackberry’s appstore loads reallyreally quickly.

-Blackberry has their own Game Center! so much for productivity..

blackberry 10 game center

-who says there are no widgets?

blackberry 10 widgets

wonder if they got the widgets inspiration from Vita’s Live Area…


-for a lightweight OS, its 2gbs of RAM gets used up quite quickly. But then multitasking is limited to 8 apps at all times and are killed off quite unceremoniously

-super fast web browser with an underrated but nevertheless impressive sunspider score to match

blackberry z10 web browser sunspider score

sunspider score: 1525 (equivalent to the 5th gen iPod touch) the numbers don’t do it justice but it really is dam fast

-a highly functional Facebook app at launch

-Do Not Disturb mode is easy to find, easy to miss and has no settings for it to work according to schedule yet.

blackberry z10 bedside mode

Blackberry calls it Bedside Mode, aka Do Not Disturb mode in the world of iOS

-cannot set multiple alarms WTF

blackberry z10 clock

yes that’s when I get up on weekdays. but thanks to Blackberry’s missing multiple alarms setting, I get to oversleep on weekends.

-some bugs are present i.e. google calendar sync is a hit and miss right now

-display clearly has no oliophobic coating and this proves to be one jarring omission considering you’ll be rubbing the glass much more than any other phone

bb z10 fingerprint

this is fingerprints from 10 seconds of use after I just wiped it down for the pictures above.

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