Appreciation for Joanna Wang

If her voice doesn’t melt you then please tell me who’s does.
I can’t pretend and say I know what I’m talking about as I’m not very much of a music person. I can’t tell the beat difference between jazz and bossa nova (if any?) and heck
I don’t know what acid jazz is.
Come away with me
I like Norah Jones’s singing, at least as far as her first album goes anyway- Come Away With Me. I’ve listened to it to death.

But, having now been exposed to Joanna I have since decided that she is my new Norah, and much more. Never have I heard such magnetism of the vocals, such accurate articulation and such grace on the technicalities of singing.

Aged just 21, yet gifted with an alto mature voice of someone who could be much much older, Joanna now has two albums to her credit. ‘Start From Here’ and ‘Joanna & 王若琳’/‘The Adult Storybook’.
Personally I think the second album ‘The Adult Storybook’ does a far better job at exploiting her vocals, and it might just be me but it sounds as though she has further tweaked her voice and improved upon it compared to her first album.
Anyway, enough talk. Check out her cover of ‘Vincent’ in her recent live performance:

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