[XBOX 360] Guide to getting Unicorn cars without losing money, tunes, designs and cars on Forza Motorsport 4

Ferrari F430 Scuderia, one of the three rare unicorns that you can obtain through importing FM3’s VIP car pack
It is quite surprising that even after a year and a half from Forza Motorsport 4’s inception, I still hear questions on how to obtain the Unicorn cars from the Forza Motorsport 3 VIP Pack loyalty achievement, but without having to lose the hard earned money and cars.  A month or so after I started playing on Forza Motorsport 4, I had the same questions, so I tried and tested a few methods and came up with a solution myself, from which I posted a tutorial on how to do it, and here I would like to re-post it for anyone who might find this useful:

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[The original article that I posted on the Forza Motorsport forums: Guide to getting Unicorn cars w/o losing money, tunes, designs and cars]

As some of you may know, I have been trying to obtain myself the unicorn cars from downloading a copy of the Forza 3 VIP pack about 4 months into gaming on Forza 4 (link here: Question on Profile Import from Forza 3 to Forza 4), but did not wish to lose the money and cars I earned, and most of all, the designs and tunes that I’ve made.
Having found very few sources that could help, I’ve tried to do it myself with some help within the community here, and having hit a few bricks along the way I’ve finally managed to obtain myself the cars.  Through the process I also saw quite a number of posts asking how to do the transfer as they couldn’t manage to get the cars as well.  So I’ve decided to give the community here a little guide on how to obtain them without the need to lose all your money, tunes, designs and cars that you’ve earned.

Prepare these…
First, you may need to refer to this article published by Turn 10: Forza Motorsport 4: Under the Hood Part 2.  Prepare a USB memory device, preferably at least 2 GB in size just to be sure everything can store without worries on space; and have a friend you can totally trust to help you as she or he will be handy later on.  I’ll explain this in later sections.
For the USB memory device, not all are compatible with XBOX.  This article may help you to find one that’ll work without problems: yellowchilli’s musings.: XBOX 360 USB stick flash drive compatibility list.

Why I wanted to do this?
Let’s start off with my story here.  I have started playing Forza 4 with an Ultimate Edition or whatever it’s called since day 1.  I imported my Forza 3 save file to Forza 4 back then, but I wasn’t a Forza 3 VIP so I didn’t get the F430 Scuderia plus 2 other cars that you are supposed to get.
Having played for a few months, I just found it too annoying that there is almost no way you can get a Unicorn Car through Turn 10.  The only ways are by participating in events or race with devs; obtain them through the Auction House which is really impossible since they cost 999,999,999 EACH, not to say that’s only to bid on, not buy-off; or have them gifted to you by Turn 10 for some nice work you do on forums, which I doubt there’d be more than 5 or 10 here.  I live in Asia so it’s very very difficult for me to participate as I’m like 12-15 hours ahead which means when Turn 10 Studio is in day light, it’s the middle of the night here with everyone snoring away.
So I decided to get myself the cars (at least some of them) with 800 Microsoft Points and went back to Forza 3.  So here is what you need to do.

Let’s start and obtain the unicorns! Well… some, anyway… Let’s start with Forza 3 first
Recall earlier I mentioned the USB memory device you need to have ready? Now plug it in and let XBOX to format it into a compatible device for use.  You will need to store your Forza 3 and new Forza 4 save file here.  Transfer your gamertag profile to your USB device as your XBOX won’t be able to load it off your hard disk later when you eject it.  You can do so by going to Settings > System > Storage under the Dashboard.  Eject your XBOX hard disk because we don’t want the game to read your Forza 4 save file that you’ve been playing and create a new save file.

If you still have it then it’s all good.  If you don’t have your Forza 3 save file, then you’ll need to create a clean save file.  Now buy yourself the VIP pack off XBOX Marketplace.  Save your Forza 3 file on the USB device.
What you need to do now is do a few races or complete one or two event series, as I’ve tried transferring profile without doing any races and the cars don’t get sent over to Forza 4.  You won’t need to buy the VIP cars in the game, because Forza 4 will only see if you bought the VIP pack in order to decided whether to gift them to you at the start, and will not check your garage to see if you bought them in-game.

Now for the Forza 4 part
When your job on Forza 3 is done, insert the Forza 4 disc and load the game.  It should automatically take you into the intro without loading your old save as you ejected your hard disk earlier.  You’ll need to complete the first race after listening to Jeremy Clarkson’s intro.  Once you’ve completed, the game should load for a while and tell you cars that were transferred.  See if the VIP pack cars were listed.  If so then all is done! If you were taken straight to First Car selection, then you failed the transfer, you must have missed something along the way.  If you aren’t sure what went wrong, feel free to drop me a message and I’ll see if I can help you on it.
For those who’ve succeeded, now the transfer has only just started, because you’ll now need to go through the painstaking process of transferring your cars from your old save to the new one. The more cars you have, the longer it will take.

Keeping your rides and credits from old save
Now switch off your XBOX and reinsert your hard disk back in.  Startup Forza 4 and load your old save file when it asks you.  Make sure your cars do not have any tunes or designs loaded that were bought from Storefront, if you do, unload them and make them stock.  The ones you created yourself are fine.  Don’t worry about your purchased designs and tunes, as long as you’ve them saved, you will be able to find them again later in your new save file.
Let’s start with car transfer first then we’ll think of money later, as you’ll still need credits for what you need to do now.
Now, assuming you have cleared any purchased tunes and designs off your cars, you’ll need to post your cars onto the Auction House (AH).  List the price as some ridiculous amount like 300 million, just so be sure that no one with legit credit can buy your beloved cars as no one as of this moment should have that much money, AND DON’T LIST A BUY-OUT PRICE, THAT’D SIMPLY ATTRACT CREDIT GLITCHERS TO DUMP DIRTY MONEY INTO YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOU’D LOSE YOUR CAR TO THE GLITCHERS.  Do this for all the cars you wish to transfer.  You may also take this chance as a garbage clearing up process to sell off any cars you don’t wish to retain, or gift them to friends, or whatever you wish to do with them.  Make the auction for 2 hours so you allow less time for someone to mistakenly buy your car, plus the handling fee is only $100 so we wanna keep the cost down for doing this.
Note that gifted cars, cars with purchased designs/tunes or any locked cars cannot be transferred to new save, as they cannot go onto the Auction House.  So you’ll have to give up the gifted cars.  It’s for you to decide whether you want to keep the VIP cars and switch to the new save file or retain the gifted cars from Turn 10 and stick to the old save (i.e. Christmas cars like the Honda).

Once you have done this, you need to transfer your money.  Since there is no money transfer function in the game, here is where your trustworthy good friend comes handy.
Let’s say you have $10,000,000 in your old save, you now need your friend to put a car on the Auction house with the amount of money you wish to transfer.  I would advice you doing the transfer in 2 or 3 lots to minimise potential loss due to system errors.  So you may wish your friend to put $5,000,000 on one car, and another $5,000,000 on the other.  Once he has the cars posted on the AH, you buy the cars off him.  It’s best to put cars that aren’t really attractive to players, so people with glitched money wouldn’t come searching for them, or some wealthy player wouldn’t buy it off by mistake.  The point of doing this is so your money temporarily rest with another person then he’ll transfer it back to you through Auction House.

GIMME BACK MY MONEY Angry!!! (and cars…)
Once that’s done, go back to Forza 4’s menu where it asks you to press “A” to start the game.  It should ask you which save file to load.  Now load the file from your USB device.  Double-check to see if your Unicorn cars are still in your garage just to be safe.
Under your new save file, go to the AH, then “My Auctions”.  Yay! There you will see the cars you posted onto the AH earlier with your old save file! Now cancel the auction by click on each car and select “Resolve Auction”.  The cars should return to your garage under your new save.
Now the money, remember the cars you bought off your friend earlier?  Now load these into your new garage as well and use them to get your money back.  Put the cars up on the AH for 10,000,000 (or whatever the amount you wish, again, you may wish to split them into 2 halves or more in case of any errors).  Get your friend to buy the cars back off you and voila!! Money returned!!

That’s not the end though.  Remember your old tunes and designs?
Go back to XBOX Dashboard.  Now head to System > Storage > and select your USB memory device.  On the bottom right there should be a text saying “Transfer” with a Y button.  Click on that, now select the destination, which is your hard disk, and select Forza 3 and Forza 4 files.  Note that this will overwrite your old save file, and you won’t be able to get anything back from that save file, so be sure that you have transferred everything before you do this.  Also, remember to transfer your profile back to your hard disk from your USB device, as you won’t need to read off it anymore.  Otherwise your profile will stay with your USB device and your XBOX have nothing to load with.
Once this is done, startup Forza 4 again, and you’ll find your Unicorn cars, old tunes and designs along with your money are all together again!

You might wanna give your mate a million or two for helping you out though =)

Hope this helps those who’ve been struggling to get the cars.

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, a member of the FM3 VIP car pack, has more horses than the ordinary version of Gallardo, and with its beautiful glass cover over the V10 engine, makes it an attractive car that gamers put to their top of their most wanted lists  in Forza Motorsport 4.


Forza 5 info and pre-order

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