Some screenshots for PS3’s imminent Heavy Rain

There was a hands-on event here in HK last Friday (5th Feb) but I didn’t get to go as I’m not a member of the press. Disappointed, as I think highly of this game as I very much enjoyed Fahrenheit also by the same developers the first time round. Though I certainly am not a fan of the QTE system… and I mean ANY QTE (quick time events, context prompts…or whatever they’re called) system, from Shenmue, God of War and so on. They detract from the gameplay and visuals as anyone who wants to get them right will be too busy to enjoy the cinematics that almost always accompany them in the background. They need to be abolished or at least have better implementation that actually let the players see the rest of the game that goes on at the same time.

Anyway, I still managed to get some (new?) screenshots off Sony and just wanted to share them here. The game will be released on the 23rd February.
Heavy Rain (Asian Chinese+English Version)
MADJACK_Screenshot02 MADJACK_Screenshot05 MADJACK_Screenshot07 MADJACK_Screenshot10 MADJACK_Screenshot13 MADJACK_Screenshot18 MADJACK_Screenshot19 MADJACK_Screenshot22 MADJACK_Screenshot30 Screenshot2 Screenshot7 Screenshot9 Screenshot11 Screenshot37 Screenshot51

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