Sony Xperia Z hands-on!

sony xperia z front in dock


Sony has released their own equivalent of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2! What are the initial impressions? We go hands-on.

sony xperia z side in dock

can’t fault Sony’s designs right?

– feels faster and smoother than Galaxy Note 2 which is not surprising since this beast runs on the quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro
– overall terrific 5 inch screen with an Impressive resolution. 1080×1920 full HD with 441 ppi pixel density!
sony xperia z back in dock

its backside is just as attractive…

– Stamina mode to suspend apps while the screen is off!
– but then battery drain is fast during use regardless of 3G or Wifi. granted that the battery hasn’t settled down just yet. will be interesting to see how the 2330 mah battery hold up.
– the charging dock looks great and activates a Moto Smartactions-like custom rule when docked
– camera takes around 2-3 seconds to start but once it’s warmed up, picture quality beats any point and shoot.
sony xperia z camera indoor macro

indoor macro sample from the amazing 13mpx shooter (click for full res)

by wterry507. gadget geek, toy model fetishist and generally being handsome in smartphone reflections.
edited by yellowchilli

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