HTC One hands-on


HTC One side view left full

This is not just HTC’s 2013 effort. But rather the culmination of years of hard work and experience in adding value through software (Sense UI), and sculpting beautiful pieces of hardware (aluminium unibody) that otherwise only Apple can.
The HTC One.

HTC One quadrant benchmark results

Now that’s what we call progress- note the One X was released one year ago this month.

– fast. really really fast.

– camera launches fast, takes pictures very quickly, ImageChip 2 really shines here. Quality is great and lowlight shots are exceptional.

HTC Zoe Event sample

– Zoe (zoetrope) is a fantastic addition to the One’s ultrapixel camera. But Zoe Events really take the crown- this is where the gallery picks and mixes photos and Zoes together and applies background music and some fancy visual effects and creates a short movie. Automatically, in the background.

htc one front facing speaker boomsound

– Boomsound- the One’s symmetrical pair of front-facing stereo speakers is no joke despite its name. It’s really loud, crisp, has some bass and most importantly, does not distort.

– beautiful 468ppi 1080p display. accurate colours, good contrast.

htc one front bottom capacitive buttons

– new button layout takes getting used to

– Beats audio (equalizer) is back, but other equalizer options are now gone.

– for a phone that touts the camera as its main selling point, they never thought of adding a hardware camera button?

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