iOS5- Apple’s game-changer or catch-up game?



first of all, let’s look at ios5’s headline features shall we?
– overhauled notifications system, Android-style!
– wireless sync!
– OTA updates!
– Widgets!
…and of course quite a number of other features

These additions are pretty amazing and means giving users a much larger degree of convenience and freedom. Imagine not having those intrusive notification popups, not having to connect to motherbase with a sync cable, not having to open apps to see the data within it etc. So this is a Win situation for all iOS users.
Now for the cynics critics, if we think back to how iOS is always been hailed as being ‘years ahead’ of the competition and that no other mobile OS is going to catch up then perhaps a rethink may be in order. Because it would seem that Windows Mobile 7 and AndroidOS may just have lept a few of those ‘years’, caught up and left iOS in the dust in a number of ways.
Android gained app install via their web app market around OS v2.2, while having OTA updates and widgets since forever. Not to mention their notification curtain system- while it’s very functional it wasn’t very well thought out and does not fit a large/tall screen device very well- i.e. you really need to reach for it on large devices. Windows Phone 7 handsets syncs in a similar manner to iTunes but already offers wireless sync out of the box at version uno, not to mention everyone agrees that their interface is something innovative, something fresh and just as smooth as iOS. So then it would seem that everything that’s new in iOS5 can be mirrored in all existing mobile operating systems?

By all means I wish iOS every success, and competition is always always welcome. But perhaps Apple will need to pull more out of their hat than what is announced so far if they plan to stay ahead? We certainly wouldn’t want to think iOS as going stale.

Thoughts please.

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