HTC One drop test

HTC One back right side

There was a specific reason why I requested the black version. But then I never thought of going through a drop test or even a harmless scratch test.

The purpose of testing the black unit was to see how it holds up against wear and tear- whether the paint would scratch off easily and which to recommend to my readers.
Obviously I had already suspected anything other than the silver version- which is clearly in its original aluminium colour- is going to go all ugly over time (or over the short span one 1 second in my case)

Alas, accidents do happen and I dropped the test unit from chest height just a couple hours before it was due back. O well.

p.s. I thoroughly recommend the silver version for longevity’s sake. See for yourselves. For what it’s worth though, the black version seemed to hold up against seven days of normal wear and tear very well.

HTC One drop test scratch test 1


htc one drop test scratch test 2


htc one drop test scratch test 3

there are other more dramatic drop tests if these kinds of things interest you:

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