Android 4.3 hands-on

Android 4.3.

aww how nice of Google to give us the official 4.3 rom on day one. Naturally we grabbed it as well first thing in the morning and are now ready to do a bit of sharing!

Admittedly 4.3 looks a little underwhelming as a lot of the changes are under-the-hood. The only thing worth getting excited about is probably the new restricted profiles. This is Google’s baby step toward iOS’s parental controls.
Anyway, here come the screenshots:

the text is different
do location scans even when wifi is off

the new Restricted profile

let’s name our user…
then you can pick which apps the restricted user gets to use
switching profiles from the lockscreen
looking a little barren…

sorry Steve B.
and the obligatory Sunspider (1.0) benchmark

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