Just how fast is the 2012 iPod Touch 5, really…


ipod touch 5 vs


from the perspective of someone who’s only ever owned iPod touches and iPads up to the second generation- it’s dam spanking fast. Read on to find out how.

feast your eyes on these comparison videos that I made. No numbers from synthetic benchmarks here, just plain old real-world usage.
be sure to check out my iPod touch 5 review over at http://reviews.yellowchilli.net/

First up: boot comparison

then game load, ipod touch 5 versus ipod touch 4

and finally the most surprising of all: ipod touch 5 versus the ipad 2. This is most interesting since they both share the same processor. The only difference being:

iPod touch 5: Apple A5 revision 2, 800mhz

iPad 2: Apple A5 (no revision), 1ghz


and yet the iPod touch 5 wins.

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