Meizu MX 4-core M032 retail hands-on impression



the very functional lockscreen

This is a hands-on impression of the retail version of the Meizu MX 4-core model M032. An in-depth review will follow over at once I’ve dug deep enough into the OS and can accurately illustrate its battery life.


antutu benchmark results

-fast fast fast. although this is to be expected due to the screen resolution difference. Actually the MX5Q (as Meizu calls it,m instead of Exynos) really moves things along without a single stutter. I found everything to be just as smooth at Low CPU setting (800 mhz).

-physically feels and looks like an iPhone. Runs just as smooth.

-“Home” knob makes itself easy to locate, provides good tactile feedback.

-in keeping up with the tradition, the M032 also provides clock speed change options in Settings>Accessibility



Low- 800mhz, Normal (default) 1000mhz, High- 1.4ghz

-Music player has a Graphic Equalizer! yes!



-battery life feels solid, though it is too early to say.



just tap in the right code and it’ll unlock. No need to press OK. just like IOS then.

-a well-thought out lockscreen- first-ever Android number lock that doesn’t require the user to press OK?? plus, number lock security doesn’t stop user from accessing lockscreen widgets, such as the Music controls


meizu photo sample cropped_Coco

photo sample- cropped but otherwise unaltered. click to enlarge.

camera was fast to launch, and fast at snapping shots. Considering its speed, it would have been able to implement the HTC One X-style burst shots. But Meizu didn’t.



the camera UI could also have take note from the One X. instead, it has the traditional toggle between video and still.


-No easy way to reach Widgets, except via Settings> Customise

-no way to remember defaults settings i.e. which browser to launch by default

-face unlock is missing (but not missed due to its relatively low security level- imagine someone holding your Face Unlock up to your Facebook profile picture then gaining access)

-no way to control overall volume directly using volume rockers. instead, they control Media Volume.

-Google+ instant upload not working. which is actually very disappointing.


Full review in about a week’s time. Meanwhile, do check out my other reviews over at

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