Samsung Galaxy S6, Edge Hands-on. Photos vs iPhone 6+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ycptech hands on

We go hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge briefly and compare a few photo samples with the iPhone 6+. The result was pleasant. And surprising.

With Samsung finally embracing a more premium build material, and copying the iPhone 6’s design, the gap between beautiful iPhones and ugly Sammys has dramatically been narrowed. Whether Samsung has improved the build quality is another matter and can only be investigated when we get to sample a review unit.

With some experience gained from building the metallic Galaxy Note 4 and the A series, Samsung has taken the design up another notch. Gone is the removable plasticky battery cover, Sammy replaces it with a beautiful layer of glass, beautifully tapered in toward the edges, with a matching front panel. For once, their flagship phone feels premium..and possibly fragile.

Samsung Galaxy S6 ycptech hands on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ycptech hands on

Anyway, screenshot function was somehow disabled on all the devices on display at the launch event so we were not able to take any (not efficiently anyway) so that will have to wait until the full review. We did however, manage to take some photos and then take a few comparable ones with the iPhone 6+. Now the camera here is the same as the Galaxy Note 4 – Sony IMX240 camera module. I was very impressed back then with the GN4, and I’m very impressed with the S6 now. Photos can stand up against the iPhone 6, not to mention the resolution is darn slight higher, meaning you can zoom in and not lose detail like you do on the iPhone. Seriously Apple, that “resolution is everything” thing may be a myth but it’s impossible to deny how stupid one feels when they zoom in and just see blocks of colours.

Without further a due, here are the camera samples. The Galaxy S6’s are at the top and the iPhone 6+ at the bottom.

Samsung Galaxy S6 camera sample indoor macro
S6 Indoor, macro
iPhone 6+ camera sample indoor macro
iPhone 6+, indoor macro 
Samsung Galaxy S6 camera sample indoor
S6 indoor
iPhone 6+ camera sample indoor macro
iPhone 6+ indoor
Samsung Galaxy S6 camera sample indoor lowlight
S6 indoor, lowlight
iPhone 6+ camera sample indoor lowlight
iPhone 6+ indoor, lowlight

There you go. Samsung S6’s camera is beating the iPhone 6’s.

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