[iPhone] How to find more space on your iPhone


Originally you got yourself a large capacity iPhone in hope that you will never experience problems with space, but you still find that space is a problem even for a 32 GB or 64 GB phone.  You’ve tried taking out files you don’t need, but the phone still has something that takes up huge chunks of space, and you’re ripping your hair out from figuring out where you can squeeze more space.  Frustrating, huh?  Well, here we have a clue as to where you may have overlooked, and be able to free up more space.

Spae can be a problem even on large capacity iPhones

First, start Whatsapp.  Check through each chat room’s media folder, especially those inside the group chat rooms.  You’ll find there is quite a library of photos and videos, all saved inside Whatsapp.  Although copies of these were copied to iPhone’s Photo album, original copies are still kept here.  Now, what you’ll have to do is to delete all these files from your Whatsapp.  There’s no quick way around this but to select the files one by one by clicking on “Edit” on the top right if you wish to keep the conversation history, otherwise you can simply just swipe across the chat list and select “Delete” to delete the whole chat conversation along with the files stored with that contact / group chat room.

You have no idea how much space the files in Whatsapp can take up if you don’t clean up regularly

Now, do a sync again with your iTunes, you’ll find that huge chunks of space are freed up and available for use again!
The first time I did this, I found my Whatsapp took up over 3 GB worth of space just simply from these media files alone.  Now that I clear up my Whatsapp regularly, it is not a big problem anymore.  So If you do this on a routine basis, you shouldn’t experience problems with unnecessary files taking up space again.

Regular clean-up helps you minimize space problems

Hopefully this helps.
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