How to install Windows 8 with a bootable USB stick



hint: it’s actually dead simple.

things you’ll need:

-usb stick big enough to carry you desired Windows 8 iso. in my case, it’s the 32bit version worth 2.8 gbs; 4.8 gb for the 64bit version i think

-the iso image from Microsoft

-and believe it or not, the Microsoft Windows 7 USB tool.

With the ISO downloaded, open the USB tool, choose the .iso file, pick the correct usb drive (which gets FORMATTED) and the rest is as easy as clicking Next Next Next.

windows 7 usb tool

Hint: don’t click Start over.

Now just plug in that usb, boot from it and the rest is practically the same as setting up W7. Unplug it when it reboots.

As a reference, Windows 8 is now up and running on my Dell Mini 9 with Atom N270, 2gb ram and a 16gb (14gb usable) SSD.

w8 dell mini 9

Have fun.

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