God of War III PS3 pics, 16th March release.

One of the biggest names on Sony’s PS system is almost here. So, what’s new? Graphics.
I have the list here:
Rideable characters (is it really all that fun to…?)
New weapons and combat system (please don’t break the system and don’t copy too much of Devil May Cry…yer those gauntlets)
Locations 4 times as big compared to GOW2
and various graphical overhaul and improvements via a brand new engine.

Doesn’t sound too exciting. Demo impressions confirmed as much. But, it will probably still kick Dante (‘s Inferno)’s ass on combat system alone. That game was just plain uninspired despite its promising setting (the 9 circles of hell). We’ll see. I’m definitely looking forward to this as a GoW fan.
God of War III
 HADEScover final copy

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