How to setup Google Calendar and Contacts in Blackberry 10


blackberry 10 start up progress indicator

While Google dropped a bomb on everyone when they announced that they’ll stop supporting Exchange and other protocols for synchronising their Calendar and Contacts, Blackberry Z10 early adopters would likely have gone through more trouble than usual since the phone’s release straddled the Google Calendar and Contacts cutoff date.

In the beginning, setting up a Google account on the Blackberry 10 OS was easy. All that was required, was for the user to enter the credentials once and the OS would automatically create Email, Calendar and Contacts sync profiles. Until of course, it all stopped synching and would not allow the user to create entries when it hit upon a bug in the earlier firmware.

But thanks to Blackberry, it was fixed quickly and a public firmware update was pushed out. But of course, while the bug was fixed, Calendar and Contacts would no longer sync because Exchange was no longer supported.
So then how do you setup Calendar and Contacts again? here’s how:

blackberry 10 settings

hit Settings

Blackberry 10 accounts list

tap Accounts, then Add Account

Blackberry 10 add accounts

Advanced, at the bottom.


then tap CalDAV for Calendar, or CarDAV for Contacts

Blackberry 10 google caldav cardav


now set up your DAVs as follows:

username: [username]
Server Address:
Sync Interval: any



and that’s it!

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