Pebble Smartwatch preview

Pebble Smartwatch quick preview

Our first few days with the Pebble smartwatch.   – Notifications galore! – wrist-controlled music playback is useful – bluetooth connection seems stable – e-ink screen is a great idea, perfectly legible under bright sunlight – watchfaces! Stay tuned for our full review!

moto g front inhand ycp

Moto G XT1033 hands-on preview

Motorola’s budget Moto G comes at a wallet friendly price. But the user experience it provides is anything but. Here’s YCP’s first 12 hours with the Moto G. Specs display: 4.5″ LCD display processor: Snapdragon 400 camera: 5mpx no lag in sight fantastic in-hand feel secondary sim slot is bound to come in handy stock…

smartphone usage and sales stats 2013

2013 Mobile Phones Sales Statistics & Usage Trends

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Express coupons) and Yellowchilli’s Playground. Link to post this infrographic- just copy and paste the following text! <img alt=”Latest Mobile Phones Sales Statistics &amp; Usage Trends” src=”” />

blackberry z30 hands-on ycp

Blackberry Z30 lightning hands-on!

call us weird but we aren’t particularly fond of ladies who pretend they know how to hold a mobile to handle these beautiful machines. While Blackberry’s fate is as yet uncertain, the fact that their lineup is improving is most certain. Take for example, the Blackberry Z30. So much more technology has gone into the…

alcatel one touch idol x hands-on ycp

Alcatel One Touch Idol X hands-on

colour options I’ll be honest and say upfront that I have no experience whatsoever with Alcatel-made phones. Like most people, I take notice of other big brand mobile manufacturers and neglect everything else. But with the Idol X, I feel this is about to change. Specs: Quadcore 1.5 ghz (SoC not specified) 3G 1080×1920 screen…

Android 4.3 hands-on

Android 4.3. aww how nice of Google to give us the official 4.3 rom on day one. Naturally we grabbed it as well first thing in the morning and are now ready to do a bit of sharing!Admittedly 4.3 looks a little underwhelming as a lot of the changes are under-the-hood. The only thing worth…

htc butterfly s hands-on ycp

HTC Butterfly S hands-on

We just had the pleasure of handling the HTC Butterfly S and well, one word: wow. We’ll reserve (most) of our judgment until we get a chance to properly worship review this thing. So for now, feast your eyes on the little details we have for you. Specs: Display– 5” LCD 3 Full HD 440…

iOS7 beta hands-on preview

we take a closer look at Apple’s brand new iOS7. It’s cleaner, more colourful and refreshing…but most importantly, it’s very very functional. Was the risk worth it? What do you think?Setup notice the new keyboard UI Home Screen it’s like…candies! the clock and calendar [thanks KAC for correcting me] icon is finally live too! folders…