Blackberry Passport review – the perfect niche

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blackberry passport back camera module


+ The addition of OIS receives points for effort. OIS does help minimise chances of blurred photo and this is particularly apparent when compared to the Q10 samples I took last year.

— Noise. While noise in low-light photography is not particularly visible, the noise reduction is. Where there was noise, there is loss of detail as noise is automatically wiped away, leaving a worthless photo especially when you need to zoom in.

— camera speed is poor. Autofocus is fine but the time it takes for a camera to react to the press of the shutter button and take a photo is more often than not, delayed.

—- Overall quality is still poor. Despite the whopping 13 megapixel, the photo quality remains just about passable. Yet another perfect example to illustrate that megapixels are only part of the equation to great photos.

blackberry passport back

Photo samples


Low light



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