How to mod your psv 2000 battery

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chrisbold asked 9 years ago

I know you sent you psv to get a battery upgrade from taobao. I talked to the guy but I can barley get what he’s saying even with google translate. I don’t trust sending mailing my vita to anywhere besides to sony. I would mod it but the best battery is the one you have. Can you give me some tips or ideas on what I should do?

Eric Wong Staff replied 9 years ago

I can be of help with translations.. if you can be bothered to go back and forth. It’s unfortunate because it sounds to me you probably want to buy what he doesn’t sell- the parts / batteries alone. I asked him this because I was sceptical about mailing my PSV in. I wanted to replace the faceplace+ display / upgrade the batt myself. The only other option was for me and his shop in China.

I’m not aware of other places selling after-market battery upgrades but it’s been at least a year since I last checked.
For me, the PSV has a very poor wifi implementation – the signal is quite weak. I would hazard a guess it’s working extra hard to hold onto signals. I often put it into airplane mode when internet isn’t absolutely necessary. I’m sure this saves quite a bit of batt.

I also hear the PSV slim lasts slightly longer (but has poorer LCD display).. might want to look into that.

Let me know how I can help.

chrisbold replied 9 years ago

Was it worth it? Does the battery actually last you 10 hours? How much is it just for the battery upgrade? And what’s the max battery capacity 6600mah?? Sorry for all the questions(: I just wanna make sure I don’t get ripped off or anything. I actually like the LCD better… Most people don’t like the display for the 2000.

Eric Wong Staff replied 9 years ago

it was worth it yes. I do want to say again that I count myself lucky that the whole thing went smoothly and that up till now the system battery is still functioning as expected.
yes it does last 10 hours. used MGS’s timer for the batt test. I spent around $100 for BOTH the screen replacement and the batt upgrade so I’d say less than half of that went to the battery (can’t remember the exact prices)
It’s supposed to be a total of 5300mah. looks like a tight fit.. i think they took out the shielding and some braces and brackets to make it fit.

I know how you feel. I was worried about the exact same thing myself. But I was either to be stuck with a broken imported device which Sony refuses to service, or I could give that guy a go. So for me the decision was very easy.

Interesting @ display. The LCD doesn’t have the same contrast levels.. hmm.

chrisbold replied 9 years ago

Isn’t the highest capacity 6600mah? I wanna make sure I get the best battery he has to offer. What kind of payment does he take? Paypal, credit card, ect..

Eric Wong Staff replied 9 years ago

I just had a look and you’re absolutely right! I did this mod many years ago so obviously he’s come up with better stuff since then. prices look good too.. back then Taobao didn’t accept credit cards. instead I had to buy credits from my local convenience store. nowadays I believe they do take credit cards. I’ve not made a purchase on there since so I will need to doublecheck on that.

chrisbold replied 9 years ago

Please do check. I am considering of buying it. Also, I have a discover card. If you can, can you help me on how to communicate with the seller? Or guide me on how to purchase it? I would really appreciate it.